Born in 1992, right after Lithuania got its independence I was lucky to grow up in a free country where more than not you are supported and encouraged to endeavour to achieve your goals. Being sporty kid I soon found myself spending countless hours playing basketball. As much as I envisioned that to be my career I soon changed my path as my injuries did not seem to promise fortune.

After graduating high school I chose to continue with higher education abroad and soon after celebrating adulthood I took off for adventures in Scandinavia, more specifically - Denmark. Here my greatest challenges were waiting with the doors wide open. Besides having to support myself and keep up with education I was not overly excited about, I had to figure what my true passion is. 

I ran into photography considerably late, when I was 22 years of age. What started out as point-and-shoot, soon grew into curiosity to do more and better and yet, differently. There is no one style I stick to. Instead, I get my hands on perspectives and subjects that do not seem to tag along at first. Having taken lots of photos of nature, I want to embed different elements of it in 'human made' subjects. With that said, my photos suggest the world of combinations, angles and expressions where the colours and their saturation is the representation of my approach to them.