One way ticket or how I ended up here (in Portugal)

Did you know, that coffee has over 700 different taste notes (that's at least twice as much as wine!), that makes it some of the most complex beverage out there. It yet contains some 1500 chemical compounds in that same cup of Joe you drink every morning (or two, three times a day if you ask me). Well, I might have some news for you - if 'Nespresso', 'Dualit', instant, pods and capsules are buzzwords for you - that does not mean we are not going to get along, in fact, that means we are going to have really interesting conversations about coffee and I suppose you are more likely than not just going to ignore my arguments. It's all about personal preference and personal taste (cliche). You might think 10$ a cup specialty coffee is just shit compared to the 2$ caramel mocha double unicorn glitter sprinkle tuti vanilla extract Starbuck stuff you get. And it's totally cool. No, really. But this is not about me disliking coffees other than the ones I drink. Oh wait, it somewhat is. So actually if this does not intrigue you or even appeals you, the only teaser to continue reading is that really just at some point recently I got rid of my useless slack, packed my bags and flew away chasing for coffee. Boom, coffee, it is going to tag along! Regardless you read it or not, it's still written down.

So it's over six years of time that I will cut 99% of and skip to the last piece, which really is where exciting stuff happens. Just to give you a glimpse in what all that fast-forwarded part was - it's my quest for diploma, triple change of education lines, six different places lived at, countless night shifts at work - all just to keep up with the fast pace and high living costs of some 13th most expensive country in the world (this really is just a fact I read today, if you catching this in the future, I would not get surprised it's placed elsewhere) - Denmark. This entire hustle and bustle was really just to get a diploma I now have tucked in the drawer. There the recap ends. Now let's move to real shit. By real shit I mean is the moment when you clearly aware of the following: 1. You have less than two months to leave your dwelling, 2. Your job sucks 3. (follow up on 2) ...because you really are doing something you don't wanna be doing, and even if you're doing it good, no one seems to give a flying fry about it. 4. Autumn/Winter for the next half a year. 5. You got your official, stamped and signed paper saying you graduated and competences you must have acclaimed require a translator (or sociologist) to interpret. Which apparently funnels to an ethnographer. None of that really rings a jingle bell to you, right? (I know, go on, it's almost down to interesting) That was my definition of real shit I was in. It may not come close to the shit one third of a starving world is dealing with everyday, however we all lay our own paths and because mine is missing a cobble or two, it does not mean it wasn't offroad ever before. Anyhow, this would be a part where one normally says he found Jesus or bottle of rum, depending on which direction one followed. I don't really fall into neither of these two. Instead, what I found myself greatly passionate about and having a good gut feeling about, was...yeah, you got it right - coffee. 

If this was a love story I should go by "we first met and blah blah bullshit". Well, it is not. Yet? It also isn't about love, so just keep reading. I drank my first cup of coffee when I was...booo...shut the nonsense. All I was really doing, was volunteering at simply most amazing student driven organisation on earth - the promised cafe "Analog". Shout out to you Analog'ers, even if we're different generations, we all had the same thing in common - we all ran day by day making Klaus a flat white having no real clue what flat white really was. It really just an inside joke. Anyhow, among others we also saved a great deal of pocket money consuming most popular (legal) drug in the world - caffeine. It really was about saving cash and drinking coffee for me. In the beginning. Then it was about wobbling the milk pitcher to make other than a pile of milk foam in latte cup. What started out as a good way having my time spent elsewhere, but studying, soon switched to studying on an actual activity. And if that did not sound clear enough, I really began reading more about coffee. Then yet more. Then brewing one, discussing one, and improving on one. It actually built up sufficiently high enough, that all the money I saved while volunteering, I ended up spending drinking only specialty coffee from specialty cafes. As much as I had to continue on assignments I continued on improving my Aeropress skills. At this point I knew this is among the things I want to shape my life and future! How sweet. Not long after, one of these amazing specialty cafes announced the expansion of their business to the very south of Europe. To the country I did not know as much as I do now, but the figures in sports and...well, that's about all I really knew other than fact it's the only country whose language is more popular elsewhere than in itself. To wrap it up, I had to go for it. I was excited about going for it. I did go for it. Well, after drinking yet another dozen of Joes. 

It's typical TV series' behaviour to just end the episode at most intriguing part. So cliche, I do. Another one will come in. At some point. It'll tell more. More about it all. 

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